Talk to Teachers: Torpedo the Ark

This piece is by an eleventh grade student, code name Error 404. She is writing to the general public, and will be sending her piece to local newspapers. 

A school shouldn’t be a department of our overall education. It should be a second provider; guardians and experience should be the first.

Parents suspect their children are being informed of the true requisite for life and how to achieve a career all throughout the year – they suspect this is the best route of all available options. But this isn’t necessarily what their children need or permit themselves.

Schools have provided the more “professional” option for careers; doctoring, military, engineering, but what about the more expressive outlets? Independent news/investigation , game designing, voice-over work, focus group participant , antique-treasure hunter – even funeral directing is a possibility! Schools shouldn’t keep these options so contained, they should branch out from the very beginning.

I don’t like the idea that from day one I’ll be secluded into this environment of forced fundamental interaction, only able to pick from the available resources for friendly relations. Because you are stuck in this one environment, you begin to create a biased ideology and expectancy of how some or more people will act.  There is little evidence to support your opinions, because you have be quarantined into this singular environment and when one can’t “make friends” quick enough – parents and school staff create a whole agenda to push forward towards that goal.

This is not to mention the false sense of freedom from the very start. School itself is free, and yet the law requires you to go.

What about the important sources of learning for our future? I’m talking about paying taxes and bills, insurance, contracting!

Schools constantly bring up the subject of voting and how we, the students, will benefit the state with this upheld position. What if I don’t want to vote? What if I don’t feel the same security others feeling on completely depending on one non-absolute resource of change and expectancy? What if I would rather be prepared for the government’s downfall?

By Error 404, September 15, 2015


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