My Students Talk to Teachers. And to You.

I am about to post some of my students’ Talks to Teachers, a la James Baldwin. These young people have been in public schools for about as long as anyone ever is in public schools in America, and they most definitely have something to say about education, and some ideas to share with teachers.

They are all different. From their pieces, you will see that some students are looking at education with the lens of reform and tinkering; some are looking at schools from a decidedly more revolutionary stance. Some suggestions are imminently doable — like, tomorrow — while others will take time, adult willingness, and some deep rethinking of the purposes and structures of school.

These students all have specific audiences (besides the 42 people reading this blog), and will be sending, posting or otherwise making public these pieces. I’ve asked permission to post here, too.

I encourage people to take these pieces and spread them, and to attribute the work to the students.

They may be sharing their real names, with permission, or they may have chosen pseudonyms.

Please leave comments! I want them to know if anyone reads, likes or appreciates what they have to say.


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